When we develop the invention, the casing of the product was the most difficult task. At that time 3D Printing supported us to develop a prototype. Even though the final product had been made with timber the 3D Printed casing helped us to take our product to the semi-final level of the competition. Special thank goes to RCS2 Technologies and Thrimana 3D Printing Team for giving a support to make the prototype of the product

Asiri Dilhan de Silva Inventor

Great Service from Thrimana! Our engineers at IgniterSpace are currently using your printers to experiment with creating many cool robotics projects. Very friendly & courteous staff. Great job!

Jehan Wijesinghe Chief Executive Officer Igniter Space

The Department of Computer Science, University of Sri Jayewardenepura, would like to extend our sincere gratitude for the excellent support given in manufacturing the first social robot in Sri Lanka by your reputed company, RCS2 Technologies. We are amazed by the precision and quality maintained by your own brand of Thrimana 3D Printers which was used to print the social robot.

Dr. P. Ravindra S. De Silva Senior Lecturer Department of Computer Science, University of Sri Jayewardenepura. B. Sc (Hons, Colombo) M.Sc (Aizu, Japan) Ph.D (Aizu, Japan)

Their Thrimana 3D printing technology was successfully used create a physical 3D model of the Jethawanaramaya stupa which was scanned and converted to a 3D point cloud with CSIRO’s Hover map technology. I am looking forward to working closely with RCS2 Technologies and their dedicated team for Phase 2 of this project where we intend to do this at a much larger scale. I have no doubt that their technology and team will rise to the challenge and deliver exceptional results.

Dr. Navinda Kottege PhD SMIEEE Robotics and Autonomous Systems | DATA61 | CSIRO Adjunct Fellow School of ITEE University of Queensland Visiting Fellow School of EECS Queensland University of Technology